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Whether you're looking to have a giant, scaley, fully-articulated dragon dazzle your audience or a fuzzy Muppet-style creature star in the next episode of your TV series, I can help you bring your character to life on stage or on screen. 


I have over fifteen years of professional experience as a performer and would love to work with you to create and embody the soul of your character perfectly!


Don't have a sketch of your own? No problem! I will interpret your concept and turn it into a black and white pencil sketch, or a digital rendering.

Mechanical Effects

I have the ability to expertly craft hand and rod puppets, gloved arm puppets, rod puppets, and anything else you can imagine!

Costume Characters

Need a big walkaround character for your theme park? A new recognizable mascot for your sports team? I have extensive experience performing inside of costume characters and will create a costume for you that is performer-friendly and beautifully crafted.

That costume character would look so much better if his mouth could move in time with his voice! Using my knowledge of push and pull cable mechanisms, I can build your puppet with mechanical features, build you a completely mechanical puppet, or make your costume character completely articulated. Moving mouth, blinking eyes, ears that twitch, your imagination is the limit!

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